1. Pinehurst Golf Course

This country club, which is one of the most beautiful golf courses all over the world, is located in North Carolina. The local people are famous for their accessible and picturesque golf courses, and Pinehurst is definitely on top of this list. As a result, this US Open course, which is proper for golf players with various levels of skill, is perfect for a lengthy holiday or a quick family vacation.

2. Lion’s Paw Golf Course

Located in South Carolina, Lion’s Paw is one of the best public golf courses of our country. In spite of a famous locations in this area, it does not get as much interest as some other golf courses.

3. Pebble Golf Course

Properly located in the Pebble Beach, California, this golf course has been depicted as the “holy grail.” However, is it not on the top of this list mainly because average or young golf players could have a more challenging time with this golf course. In the other hand, the world-class golf course as well as natural beauty, accompanied with local destination and favorable weather, makes it a perfect vacation attraction.

4. Tiburon Golf Course

This golf course, which is located in Florida, is an exceptional 36-hole golf course. With choices to adequately entertain and challenge golf players various levels of skill, it offers one of the best golf service in Florida.

5. Pacific Golf Course

Although rather new with a golf player, Pacific golf course in Oregon has been attracted a lot of interests thanks to its exceptional design and topographic changes. Oregon is definitely a beautiful state to visit, and this golf course is one basic example of the quality of course in Pacific Coast area.

6. Wolf Golf Course

Golf or Casino? This is one of the top-notch golf course, though you would need to keep yourself away from some Las Vegas casino to enjoy that. We often call Las Vegas as “Sin City”, but most of local people have been tried to make it a friendly destination for tourists. Do not be scared of the wolf golf course, and other areas, only because of Las Vegas’s reputation.

7. Spyglass Golf Course

It is not a golf course in California, but do not let that be a deterrent to you. Although it is hard from a back tee, Spyglass is an accessible golf course with high-rating facility for design, service and entertainment.

8. Pawleys Golf Course

Pawleys Golf Course is located in South Carolina. It has 18 holes with pure challenge, which are suitable for golf players with various levels of skill. In addition, it provides you a sound reason to come back to this beautiful coastal area.

9. Coeur De Alene Golf Course

Although its name comes from French, this golf course is, in fact, located in Idaho. This state could sound like a proper place to purchase some fried potatoes rather than playing a game of golf, but this golf course would definitely surprise any golf players. Twisting along the lake and through next creek, the final green of the golf course is on an artificial and floating island. More importantly, this island always moves. As a result, the last hole will be never the same in each game.

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