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How to Stay on The Narrow and Straight with a Putter?

If you ask any good putters what separates her or him from a normal player, most of them will be likely to say that “I am able to bury a short one nearly all the time, inside 3 feet.” Of course, spike marks and crazy lip-outs occur. But if you truly need to shave the stroke off the card and be a perfect master on the green, you have to spend a lot more amount of time practicing a short putt. In this post, we will show you a quick but useful yardstick drill, which does not only help you to build confidence, but also squares the club face via a stroke or at impact, enhances the path of a putter, and dials in a distance through and back the drill. In other words, this is what you always need to win the wager, save par, or only build your confidence.


To begin with, you need to put the yardstick with one side near or at the end of the cup. After that, place the golf ball that you will strike with a putter any places on that yardstick. This will depend on the length of the putter that you want to play on. Next, stroke putts when making an attempt to keep the golf ball the whole time on the yardstick. For a putt with one foot in length, you could work on bringing back the putter about 4 inches and making a swing through 4 inches; for a full 3 feet go through and back another 2 inches.

Bear in your mind that the golf putter would move the yardstick off a little bit during the process of making a back swing as well as a forward swing. This is simply because there is a minor arc that generally happens as the result of the angle from your hands to the head of the putter. In general, the most important thing to remember in this golf drill is to return the face of the putter back to the square so that the golf player would make a consistent length during a back swing or forward swing, which would improve the path of a golf ball.

To sum up, you should make this simple and easy golf drill as a part of your putting routine on a regular basis so that you would keep the path in a perfect position. In addition, it would help to maintain a square angle of the putter face at impact, which might eventually ensure your forward wing as well as back swing remain suitable.​

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