Slice Killers That You Can’t Miss

No player wants to slice a golf ball, but it is what most amateur players often struggle with. So, let's dive into several useful slice killers to improve your performance during a golf game.

​1. Add Topspin

Have you ever wondered what makes a slice to turn? The answer is either you have made an out-to-in swing path or your hands do not rotate enough and you strike the golf ball with an open face. When both of these things occur, the club head will applies a combination of sidespin and backspin to the golf ball, leading to a big arc to the right.

For this technique, try to set the opposite form of spin on the golf ball, which is a forward spin combined with a sidespin in the left. It is quite similar to a tennis player trying to hit a hard shot with much topspin so that the ball just flies over the net and then curves back down to the ground.

Imagining a tennis player will not only help you in clearing and rotate your hands through a golf shot, but also keeping you from moving your weight too early to the front leg, which is also a cause of slicing.

2. The Split-Grip Drill​

This is a quick method to deal with the slice. First, you need to take your usual grip, then slide down your hand to the club head and stop at the point that there is about one or two inches separation between your hands.

After that, take a few 3/4 practice swings and attempt to perform the finish stance. Your left hand should rotate completely and your right arm must be extended through a swing.

After trying a few times, go back to the normal grip and do the drill again. This method will give you a better feeling of squaring the clubface at impact and rotating the club head through the hitting area.

3. The Three-Tee Drill​

Another technique to eliminate the killer is to train the body to swing a golf club more from the inside to the outside of the target line, which produces a draw spin on the golf ball and add some power to a golf shot.

To do this, tee up the golf ball as usual, then put 2 additional tees on the ground. Place one about 2 inches behind the target line, and the other about 2 inches in front of the target line.

While swinging, try to clip the tees on the shots or pass over the tees. If you practice this drill frequently, the slice will disappear quickly.

4. Drop The Arms

One of the quickest method to stop slicing the golf ball is to drop down your arms at the beginning of a downswing. In this position, your weight often shifts to the right leg and you also need to prepare to unwind. This is actually the moment that a lot of slicers get mixed up.

Rather than shifting your weight immediately and starting rotating to the forward side, you should make a conscious move downward with your arms. In other words, you need to allow the arms to drop down just as you start to unwind your coil and begin rotating through a golf shot. If you do not do this and leave your arms up when rotating, it is likely you will too late in the downswing to release your arms and come over the top of the golf ball, resulting in a slice or big fat.

5. Stay Behind The Ball​

The final step to give a knockout punch to slicing shot is to stand behind a golf ball when you are making a golf swing. This does not necessarily mean limiting your weight shift or rotation to the forward side. Instead, it means you should keep the spine tilted away from the golf ball through impact and brace against the strong left side.

First, the spine should tilt away from the golf ball, which would help you swing from the inside of a target line and drive through your hands with a complete extension of your arms as well as rotate the club head for a square position at impact.

Second, your head should stay behind the golf ball during a shot and keep me from swaying or sliding. Finally, your left leg should not budge even though your weight has shifted. This will allow you to pivot your body better and rotate through a shot. In addition, it adds several whips to your hands and arms to aid in making a square clubface at impact.

If you can master all of these fundamentals, slices in your game will be definitely a piece of cake for you to deal with.​

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