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Simple Steps to Make a Solid Chip Shot Every Time

For many golf players, a good short game is probably the key to a great golf game on the course. Even the top golfers miss the green quite frequently. That is the reason why they always work so hard on these important up-and-down chance to save par. To be honest, I cannot highlight enough how this aspect of a golf game needs to be the focus of your practicing routine every day. And all of it begins with chip shots and pitch shots.

To make a solid pitch shot or chip shot every time, keep in mind to place your low spot in front of the golf ball during your motion. The following are a couple of useful tips that I have been collected for the past 10 years to make sure this can happens:​

  • Begin with standing the feet close together, approximately 1 club head width apart. The left foot should flare slightly to the target and pull back about one inch.
  • Place from 65 to 70 percent of your weight on the left side. After that, turn your breastbone so that it would point from 2 to 3 inches in front of the golf ball.
  • Swing back and through the golf club, make sure to finish your shot with a straight line from the club head to the left shoulder. To get this, you would need to generate enough force in a back swing so that you could allow the golf club to accelerate gradually to the golf ball. However, do not hit too long of the back swing, which would make you decelerate. A lot of amateurs often jab the golf club to the golf ball and accelerate too quickly, which results in poor control of the distance and mishits. Remember that a correct and natural rate of acceleration would bring you closer to the hole. In a correct swing sequence for a standard pitch or chip shot, you should be able to make a straight line from your left shoulder through the golf club.

Preparation for a perfect chip shot:

  • Put your heels close together, just about one club head width apart.
  • Your left foot should pull back about one inch and flare slightly to the target about 15 degrees.
  • Place your weight more on the left leg so that the chin is put over the left foot.
  • Point your breastbone from 2 to 3 inches in front of the golf ball.
  • Stand about one foot from the golf ball’s end and bend from your hips instead of your waist.
  • First, make sure to hold the golf club in front of you and then push your hands forward so that the grip is lined with the middle of the left leg through impact. It is important that you grip the golf club first. A lot of golf players often make the mistake of putting forward their grip and then holding the golf club. This will make the golf club to be closed at some areas from 25 to 30 degrees! If you hold the golf club and lean the shaft to the target after that, the line created by your index fingers and thumbs will point to the left shoulder and let you use the bounce of the golf club properly.

Final Thoughts

If you want make a standard short-range shot every time on the golf course, it is important to follow those simple and steps mentioned above. Whether you need to land the golf ball closer the hole, carry it farther, or make it started more quickly on the ground and allow it to roll out, you should decide the loft of your golf club you use. The length of the grass and your lie would also depend on your club choice.

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