Set Up The Suitable Height of a Tee in Golf

Question: What is the proper height should a player tee a golf ball?

So you are a new golf player and this is the first time you stand before a golf tee. You might get your golf ball and tee in hand, but the most important question is how far should your press the tee to the ground? And how high off the ground would the golf ball be?

Answer: In general, the height of a tee is mostly dependent on the golf club that you are using. The shorter the club, the lower the height needs to be. For example, a driver club will need to be teed up the highest, while shortest (or closest to the ground) could be the wedges.

A lot of professional golf players believe that the most suitable height to tee a golf ball on the drive could be parallel with the crown (or the top of a driver head). So the bottom part of a golf ball would rest on the tee at an equal height to that of a driver head height.

As your golf club get shorter, you are going to use a lower one to tee a golf ball.

For a 3-wood club, similar to the driver that you need to have a couple of balls above the crown, you would want to leave about one half to one third of the golf ball above the top of the club. When it comes to shorter hybrids as well as woods, you need to leave about one third to one fourth of the golf ball on the top. Bear in mind that you need to have around half an inch of a tee on the ground.

For the irons, when you are about to tee off with this type of club in hand, more of a tee would be on the ground. With the mid-irons such as 2, 3, 4, and 5, you need to have one fourth inch of the tee on the ground.

For the shorter types of the irons such as PW, 6, 7, 8, and 9, you need to be pressing the entire tee in the ground so that you would see only the top of the tee. In some situations, you might also opt out of applying a tee, depending on the state of a tee box. This is particularly correct the shorter irons club such as PW, 8, and 9.

To sum up, the suitable height of a tee will mostly depend on the types of golf club that you are going to use during a round:​

  • Driver golf club: The bottom of a ball needs to be equal with the top of the driver.
  • 3-wood golf club: About one half to one third of the golf ball needs to be above the top of the club.
  • Other hybrids and woods golf club: It needs to be teed up about one half of inch on the ground.
  • Mid to long-irons golf club: In these situations, it needs to be placed one fourth inch of the tee on ground.
  • 6-irons or shorter golf club: The only thing you could see in this case is the head of the tee. You could even opt out of that for a shorter club.
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