What is The Right Distance Between a Golf Ball and Player?

In fact, the answer for this question is very simple. The distance between you and the golf ball will be determined by the golf club that you are going to use.

In the same way that a golf club decides where the golf ball would move in your position, it also decides where you need to be standing.

These days, a lot of golf club types in the market is designed with a great lie angle. In general, it is the angle which is created between the ground and the shaft of your club at the address of the golf ball. The shorter the golf clubs are, the flatter those lie angles should be. A suitable driver setup might be a lot further away from the golf ball, for example, than that of a club with 9 irons.

Unluckily, there are a lot of things that could make you to stand too close or too far to a golf ball such as incorrect posture or incorrect distribution of weight, even when you sole the golf club correctly on the ground. This is also the main reason why it is really essential to use not only lie as a guide, but also your posture too.

Having The Right Distance on Every Golf Shot

In a standard posture, the distribution of weight between your heels and toes needs to be equal. In addition, your forward bend as well as knee flex should also allow the arms to move back and forth easily in a swing without touching your middle, knees or hips.

Now when you are going to set up yourself for the next golf shot, make sure to hang out your arms in front of you freely and put the sole of the golf club directly on the ground Bear in your mind that the toe and the heel of the golf club need to touch the ground in this case.

Also make sure that your distribution of weight is equal. You need to allow your knee as well as bend flex to feel comfortable. By doing this, it will keep the integrity of a lie angle and place you the suitable distance away from a golf ball during the game.

To sum up, the most important thing that you need to remember when figuring out the suitable distance is probably comfort. Use these useful tips above on each golf shot and you will always have the right distance away from the golf ball, which lead to a better performance and result for your golf tournament.​

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