Warming up in golf is an important part of a game. Golf is not noted for being as physically challenging as other types of sport such as basketball, soccer or football – that is a given. Only because you are not likely to suffer some injuries as a professional player, it does not mean that you should not warm up suitably before you move out for a game of golf. To help a golf player perform a good routine to warm up, the followings are a few useful warm-up tips that I often use before going to a golf course.

Early birds catch the round

To be sure that you have enough amount of time to warm up properly for a round in the golf game, you have to go to a golf course on time. Getting to a golf course on time is the first thing in setting up a proper routine to warm up. It would permit a golf player to organize everything in an order such as the golf cart, golf bag, course pass, the scorecard and any other important tools before you start to warm up.


Having all of those things in an order would keep you from a lot of hassles, and would also permit you to pay attention to the warm up exercises with a clear mind.

Let us start with several simple stretches in golf

Being flexible and stretching is an essential part of a golf player‘s game. In order to make a smooth swing, you have to get these muscles warmed up and joints nicely relaxed.

  • Stretch one: Raise the arms above the head and stretch up as far as possible. Now put the palms together and move one arm slowly above another, being sure that the palm is touching as you move each arm up. You need to do this 5 times with every arm.
  • Stretch two: Put the club over the head and place it on the shoulders with the hands grasping the opposite sides of a golf club. Now, rest over as though you are making a tee off, and then rotate gently as you could make during a normal golf swing. Remember to make it for at least 5 whole rotations.

Time of driving range

Now, you are mostly agile and stretched out, it is time to move on to the mental golf swing. However, getting up the body up to pace is one thing that a suitable routine for warming up should also contain the practice swing. This would help to print the rhythm of a swing to the forefront of the mental. After all, we have all had this first hole blue right? It would sort it.

Based on the time that you have before teeing off, you would perfectly need to practice with every golf club for at least 5 times. In fact, you do not have to practice with all of the golf club in a golf bag, which could take you a large amount of time. Easily take every club out, begin from a sand wedge or a pitching wedge, and then your golf driver club.

Aim to a putting green

Once you have strike 5 good shots with each golf club, it is time to move on with a putter club, the most essential element of a golf player’s game. Putting is, in fact, a game inside a game, and must be one of the major priorities in a suitable golf routine to warm up.

Just take out five golf balls from the bag, and then put them around a hole, begin with two feet from a hole. Then once you have tried 5 of these, move two feet away from that hole. Continue to do that until you make a shot from ten feet with them.


This would help to build up some confidence and consistency before you go to the green area for real.

Short Round

You have touched on a short game with the sand wedge or pitching wedge on a driving range, but now you have to get the feeling for some skillful chipping shots. Take out both the sand wedge and the pitching wedge there and play some different types of shot around a pitching green. Then attempt for some with the loft one and then something that run and bump. The purpose is to mix up it a little bit so that you could feel more comfortable if any situations occur on a golf course.

If there is a sand trap on the range, then remember to take advantage of it too. Bring a couple of balls to there and practice to hit out with different angles.

Finish up the process of warming up in golf

Now you have done with the warm up exercise, it is time to move to a golf course. If you understand and follow this routine for warming up before a game, you will play with a lot of confidence, and you will also get a higher score as a result.

Be sure that you do this exercise for warming up before each game. Particularly you do not have to play all of the years as other lucky golf players.  And the last thing that you are going to need is a bad first hole or an injury. To follow this routine would help you to have a perfect game and also keep you from any serious injuries.

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