How To Make A Shot In The Water Blast?

If you are a fan of golf for many years, you should remember the incredible moment when Bill Haas – a PGA golfer – made his great water blast shot that helped him win the championship a couple of years ago. He actually made this kind of shot seem easy (as it all seems to do!).

In fact, this type of shot is not as difficult as it might look to a usual weekend golf player. I will often recommend that if your golf ball is still in the water, take the drop and take the penalty because of an unknown that presents under the ground of your golf ball or the surface of water Now if your 2-USD Nassau is still on the line, the condition is right and you should not afraid of being wet a little and probably dirty, here is the best way that you could impress a playing partner.

If any parts of your golf ball are presenting above the surface of water, it would be playable. Depending on how much your golf ball is currently submerged under the water, the way of playing a shot would be simple like playing a plugged or normal bunker shot. There is, however, one major difference: never open the clubface! This is simply because the golf club that you are using should penetrate the water surface first; the water replaced by the club force may help the ball come out. In case at least a half of the golf ball or more is presenting above the surface of water, you could see it as a usual bunker shot. However, keep in mind to keep the clubface square to the aiming target. When more than half of the golf ball go under the water than the necessary degree to play as a plugged bunker shot, which needs a very descending and steep angle of attack with a shortened follow through. Other than blowing the sand up, you should simply splash the surface of water. The submerging level of the golf ball will basically determine the power of your golf swing.

As a result, the golf ball will move out with virtually no or very little spin, so keep in mind to plan on the rolling once it reaches the green. Unluckily, this is a type of shot that we do not get out or practice very frequently, but when you do come up and try those tips, you will be never afraid of getting wet. To sum up, always treat a water blast shot as a buried bunker blast to get dry and high.