Chance is that if you are a keen golf player, you would love to become a handicap golf player with just one digit number. So what do those professional golf players have that you do not? You could be thinking that they are just “a better golf player,” and that could be probably true, but the odds are that they are also more in agreement with the way their levels of physical fitness has effect on the ability to perform a perfect game of golf.


A golf player with one digit handicap has gone beyond the technique. In addition, he or she is also committed to becoming as strong as possible for a game of golf. He has developed a routine for improving physical fitness, which makes sure that the body is capable of performing an exceptional game of golf. Thus, you could also pay attention to physical fitness and enhance your own game of golf too.

Key factors

One of the most important factors that you need to have a look at is the major strength. More specially, the main muscles are these in your trunk, the ones that are essential to how perfectly you make a golf swing your golf club. If the shoulder, abdominal and back muscles are not in good physical condition, they will not going to be able to help a golf player well enough to make a perfect golf swing. Making your main muscles in good physical fitness would provide you a more fluid and powerful golf swing, thereby giving more accuracy and distance in a game of golf.

The rotation of your shoulder is another important element. By stretching and exercising the muscles of your shoulder, you would help to increase the flexibility, there by making sure a full golf swing with rotation in balance. This could be applied for the rotation of the spine as well. If you are exercising with the muscles of your back, then keep them limber. By doing this, they would help a golf player to make a better swing with a golf club. The vast majority of golf players with one digit handicap have a wide range of movement in the shoulder in addition to the flexibility of their optimum spinal.


Finally, a suitable routine for physical fitness would help to improve the endurance, thereby making a long game of golf much simpler and easier. In addition, this means that the first swing of the game and the last one would have the similar amount of power, and exhaustion would not have set in to damage the mental focus during a game of golf.

To become golf player with one digit handicap is about something more than skills or technique, it is also about preparation for your body to apply the practical skills that you have each time you pick up a golf club.

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