Lag Putting: How to Eliminate 3 Putts?

In a lag putt, you need to put close to the hole that is ready for a shorter one. It is often applied to eliminate three putts in a golf round by controlling the distance of putting on longer putt. It is less than 4 percent likely to hole a putt for a high handicapper more than 15 feet away from a hole.

The idea of holing it is pretty crazy, and the better choice for a golf player is to try and have it as close as he could by controlling the distance or using lag putting. Throughout this article, we are going to share with you some drills for lag putting so that you could start to practice it on a golf course and eventually remove the majority of the three putts on your golf game.

Distance Control​

Over the past few years, I have been played and taught golf, and the main reason for 3 putts in most people that I have noticed is often distance control. Many of readers of this site and new players I have tutored have a tendency to play on the golf course with level green. Thus, putts are not likely to have any important break in them. As a result, most problems happen due to the inability to make a putt in the correct distance. I understand how frustrating and annoying it could be to roll a couple feet past or come up short just a couple feet with the hole. It would all boil down to the feel and the touch of the putt.

The good thing is that you might already have the natural feel and touch in you, so you only need to learn the right way to bring it out during the process of putting.

Increase The Feel of Putting​

By nature, most of us would be able to measure the distance of units close to us. For example, opening the door, picking the phone up, or taking the eating utensils... all are day to day tasks that might be very challenging without applying our natural eye to hand co-ordination. The connection of nerves between our primary hand and brains is the most familiar inside our body’s, and it is an essential element to have a good feel of putting.

A sound grip of putting would have the right hand offering stability (left hand if you are right handed), and the left hand offering the pendulum swing and touch related to any good putting stroke. The key to to establish your feel and touch of the putter is certainly the right, and thus needs to be applied a little. The forefinger as well as the thumb of your right hand need to hold the putter gently because those are probably the most sensitive parts in your hand, and therefore offer the most feeling in a putt. You would take out and hold a coin with the forefinger and thumb of the right hand, this is the way of showing feel when you are gripping a putter.

First of all, you should use this light grip to practice a putting stroke without a golf ball. It might feel as if right hand is moving the putter through the stroke and the left hand is gripping it. Then practice it with lighter and lighter grip till the putter feels only about as light as possible in the right hand, which would increase your touch of putting considerably.

Use Your Eyes

Now that you have the feel and touch of a putter in check, the next thing to do is improving the role of your eyes in a lag putt. In fact, measuring the exact distance in a golf course is all about your eyes. Just like you are tossing a piece of paper to the basket, and putting is rather similar. You have a look at the distance and then naturally guess how much to put in the toss. It is this close co-ordination between your eyes and hand again. The same thing would be applied to lag putting.

Look at a hole and roughly measure the distance that you need to make a shot, then practice to stroke a couple times to get your body used to it. With the light grip technique mentioned earlier, you should only think about the putter’s speed, do not think about this technique. Do not think about the power that you need to make a shot either. Instead, just allow all of your sense deal with it. In other words, use your basic instinct.

Drill to Help with Lag Putting​

Take about 4 or 5 golf balls and put them in a straight line stretching back from 5 to 8 feet from each other. After that, take four tees and put them round a hole in a circle with the distance from 3 to 5 feet. Start to cycle each ball and see how close you could get it inside the circle. Just having 1 ball at every distance from a hole would keep your sense guessing, and also make them to work out toughly. Once you have done this a couple times and start to get inside this circle frequently, try decreasing the circle’s size and perform the same exercise again. Do this every day for 1 week and you will be able to improve the lag putting, which finally reduces the number of 3 putts on a golf course.

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