How to Correct Your Golf Back Swing?

Make a golf back swing that improves your consistency

In general, the theory of golf swing in this post is not only simple to accomplish as well as understand, but it is also very successful and effective for any golf players, regardless of beginners or experienced golfers. We will tell you the exact reason why many people are playing better and getting higher scores with a horizontal golf swing plane.

The first purpose of our technique in making a back swing is to encourage a turn in the spine. This simple action will help to improve the power as well as consistency that you need to make. In other words, the swing technique will show you a very simple takeaway method, which is quite different to the usual and basic swing which requires a one-piece takeaway.

​Basically, the one-piece takeaway will show a golf player how to move a club back to the ground and then slow. This will also make him or her to shift the weight back as well as away from the aiming target, which would lead to a couple of issues during a golf game. Throughout a back swing, when you shift the weight onto the back of your foot, then it would be really difficult to know exactly when is the suitable time to shift back the weight to the front of your foot when the golf club is still in the area of impact.

So, with this in mind we have put together a swing that will eliminate ninety percent of the weight shift involved in the back swing. We also focus on shifting the weight forward through the impact zone, which will help give you both increased power and consistency.

In fact, one of the issues is to shift your weight in a normal golf swing. In addition, it is also the reason why it is so challenging to make this form of swing, let alone perform the same way every single time. By doing our swing, you will practically eliminate the weight that shifts backwards and away from an aiming target. Instead, it will focus on getting your hands through a golf ball at impact. As a result, it would allow you to make a correct golf swing.

Moreover, this type of golf swing is much simpler to master than a normal one and of course it works a lot more effectively too mainly because it helps to shut out any unnecessary movements in both your down swing and back swing, while improving power and consistency. In fact, it is a little bit more about consistency than power, which is only a nice little additional that comes with your performance. In other words, it will boost your confidence in a golf swings and allow you to strike the ball square on more consistently with the proper stroke.

Common problems with consistency in golf​

In general, many problems with consistency when you are making a back swing are often arise due to one of the 4 following issues:

  • The angle of the spine: You should keep your back straight at setup.
  • The position of the follow through: In a swing, you need to hold the follow through for at least 2 seconds.
  • The position of your hands through impact: If you want to increase the consistency as well as power in a back swing, always remember to rotate your hands through impact.
  • Keeping the head down: This is probably an important thing that a lot of golf players forget to perform. Thus, make sure you do it when doing a back swing.
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