How Can a Golf Rangefinder Help You While Playing?

If you already play golf without a rangefinder, then you may be wondering why some people use them, or why they are even needed at all.  After all, you can probably do the calculations yourself.  The truth is, a rangefinder will do these measurements quickly for you, allowing you to get back to enjoying the game sooner.  Rangefinders will make your game more consistent, because you’ll be able to tell what an exact measurement is.  If you’re not sure, you can check the distance of an object a few times.  Knowing precisely how far away the hole is will definitely improve your golf score.

How Can a Golf Rangefinder Help You While Playing

How Can a Golf Rangefinder Help You While Playing

Playing golf with a rangefinder is a whole new game.  With one, playing golf becomes more flexible.  You can use them on any course, and you may feel confident enough to take more risks while using one.  They are used primarily to measure the distance between you and something on the golf course.  Usually, the target is a golf flag stick, but it can also be a sand or water hazard.  The way they work is by a laser.  Rangefinders come equipped with a safe, Class 1 laser beam inside of them.  With the push of a button, the laser shoots out, and then hits what you’re aiming at.  It then bounces right back to the rangefinder.  There is a small digital clock inside of the device that will time how long it took for the laser to hit the target and bounce back.  It measures how far away something is by how long it took the laser to come back.  Depending on which model you have, this process takes from 1-2 seconds to complete.  That’s much faster than measuring things by yourself!

They look like a set of vertical binoculars, they are small and light and can be held with just one hand.         The viewfinder  is usually a circle, and when you look through it you’ll see a measurement listed in yards or meters, a target reticule, and sometimes a battery meter.  When the rangefinder locks on to an object, usually a flag, it will let you know by making a beeping sound or vibrating.  Many come with a scan feature, which will allow you to measure a few different things while panning the device across the landscape.  Most come with some sort of pin seeking technology, which will ensure it will lock onto your flag, instead of a forest behind the golf course or a man walking by.

Imagine walking onto the golf course and instantly becoming familiar with it.  A rangefinder can do this for you.  Just point and shoot at several different objects to map things out.  You can either take these readings one at a time, or use the scan feature.  You won’t have to download course maps anymore when you use this device.  Rangefinders are very useful when you’re travelling and trying out a new course.  If you’re at a different altitude than you’re accustomed to, then some rangefinders can make refinements based on that.  There are several factors that can affect the trajectory of a golf ball.  Some of these are temperature, barometric pressure, and elevation.  There are some models that come with their own thermometer and barometer to take these factors into account.  There is also a slope function on a few rangefinders that measures how much of an incline or decline the hole is in relation to where you are.  It then factors that in when giving you your measurement.  It’s easy to make refinements and choose the right club with one of these golf optic tools.  Some of them will even suggest which club you should use.  It eliminates the guesswork from the game, because you’ll already have a good idea on where certain things are, and which tools you should use for your game.

Using a rangefinder will give you more confidence in your decision to choose a club, and more confidence in your game in general.  If you’re already using a GPS unit, then it can work well in addition to your GPS.  You can also use one after you hit your ball, to see exactly how far it went with a particular club.  If one club isn’t working for you, then you’ll know it and you can try another one.  Certain golf courses have prism technology, which is where they put small prisms on the top of the golf flags.  If your laser rangefinder comes with prism lock, then it will lock on to these prisms on top of the flags.  Then you can be even more confident that you are on the right object.

If you’re having a losing streak, then you should try using a rangefinder.  If your score has been much higher than you’d like for a while, then you really have nothing to lose in trying one!  It’s worth a shot.  You may learn that the problem was in the golf club, and not with the golfer.  At the very least, you will learn more about the course that you’re on.

The increase in game speeds while using a laser rangefinder is definitely noticeable.  What used to take a few minutes of mental math or guesswork will now only take less than 2 seconds.  Some companies are claiming that the results on their rangefinder models are instant.  They’re great for practicing, tournaments, and professional golf.

Rangefinders can be expensive, and some people don’t think that they’re worth the money.  If you’re just starting out, then you can try a less expensive model at first to see if you like it.  When you factor in how much enjoyment they can add to your golf game, they are definitely worth the money.  Some golfers say that they can’t imagine playing without one.  A laser rangefinder will help you out on which club to choose, and the rest is up to you.  Most of the time, they can lower your score and will make a huge difference in tournament play.