Helpful Drills to Improve Your Golf Game

If you truly want to improve your golf game, it definitely requires frequent practice. A good way to ensure that your practice time is helpful is to add several drills in your regimen. This does not only help cut out faults and train your golf swing, but also create a much more exciting session at the practice course. In this post, I will show you some of my favorite drills, which are designed to fix common issues in a golf game.

1. One-handed takeaway​

If you are looking for more power in every shot, this drill is a perfect choice for you. Suppose your setup as usual, then remove the right hand and just use your left arm to make a backswing. While turning back, you should be able to keep the left arm a little straight. If you are not rotating enough, you would find it challenging to extend the left arm and keep it stretched tightly. Once you have maxed out the turn without a breakdown in the left arm, use both of your hands to hold the golf club and make a forward swing all the way to the finish.

This is a good drill for adding more turn to the backswing and width to the arc even when you do not plan to make any shots.

2. Flat-footed drill​

A great technique to get a correct turn is to practice making some swings when your feet are planting on the ground. By doing this, you would avoid lifting the body upward as several golf players perform when they lift the left heels off the ground during a backswing. In addition, golf players who lift rather than turning their bodies tend to lose the necessary forward spine tilt in the upper part, which leads to in all forms of inconsistency. If you are dealing with that issue, consider performing several normal swings while keeping both of your feet on the ground. This might make you turn without the need of lifting, and would also help you enhance the flexibility as well as keep the proper heel when you end feeling a centered rotation.

3. Backwards drill​

Can’t you stop slicing or duck-hooking? Then you are possibly swinging from too far outside to back inside your target line. It means that the clubface is swiping across the golf ball, which generating either a wicked duck hook or a big slice.

To fix this error, you should try this backward drill. First, set up to the golf ball as usual and adjust the right foot so that it is relative to the aiming target and well behind you. This will help put your body in a closed position.

While you are taking back the golf club, at the top of a swing, you should turn your back to the target. Perform about a 3/4 swing, and keep working on both swings from the inside to the outside of the target line as well as allowing your hands turn as much as possible. As a result, the ball flight would be a great draw that begins way to the right and then draws back to the target.​

4. Baseball drill

This drill is a good way to practice making a correct turn as well as leveraging the body against the ground during a hit. To begin, address the golf ball as normal. After that, lift the left foot while you are taking the club away just as a baseball player performs. This would distribute your weight to the back foot through a backswing. Once you have reached the top of the swing, place your right foot and make a downswing with your arms.

As you performed a proper turn on the backswing, you should feel as if your left leg is placing force on the ground during a downswing. Therefore, you need to keep the left leg stable on impact to make sure that you do not only strike the golf ball consistently, but also avoid any power leaks.

If you often practice this baseball drill, you will never see that dread reverse pivot again and make better shots in every golf game.

5. Visualization drill​

Ask yourself this question and answer it honestly: Are you confident during those few important moments before hitting a golf ball? A lot of swings from amateur players are made with a hit and hope mindset in which fear is often the overriding factor in their swings. Do not hit the water. Do not slice. Do not make a fat shot. And so on!

Instead, while practicing and playing for the matter, you should attempt to visualize the possible results. Then rehearse these outcomes in your mind several times and totally relax to boost your confidence in every shot.

A good way to build a mental picture is to make use of several best players all over the world by watching and learning how they perform perfect mechanics for you on the golf course.​

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