If you are a professional golf player, do not give up and do not fall into the idea that it is mostly downhill from the location of the golf ball.

No way! In fact, you have a couple of perfect years ahead of you in your golf career, but you have to take a different way to the improvement exercises in golf.

The way that I am going to talk about would transform your game of golf dramatically and quickly. In addition, you could to tally do that in your own house with less than a haft of hour.

No more delay, the mentioned secret method is your own body.

Yes, it is so simple like that.

Have you ever move on a golf course and begin to play just to feel that you can not create a full back swing?

How about the distance? Have you ever lost the yard off a drive for the last few years? And finally, how about the pain and ache? Does your wrist, hip, shoulder, and even back suffer from injuries when you are playing a golf game or after that?

Then there is only 1 choice left!

Make improvement for your present physical fitness related to a golf game.

You could have known this before, however, have you ever done anything related to it? I realize that it could be difficult to understand with most of the information mentioned above.

The first thing that you have to take into consideration is the experience and credibility of those professional exercises.

Do they know about golf? Have golf players really made progress with their training programs? And how long have they been working with golf players. I am writing this article to tell you that there is still hope, and even a lot of it. The first element that you have to do is finding out what the limitations are. Is it the flexibility? Is it the strength? How about your mental element? That is a big part of a golf game. However, I could tell you that your body and mind are connected very closely.

What a golf player should and can expect?

If you feel tired, weak and not in good physical condition, the confidence would become so low. As a result, it would be a miracle that you could even finish a golf game, let alone achieve a high score that you are proud. It is time to make a change for all of these! Right now and right here!

Taking the action right when you finish reading the article is important to your golf career. I do not believe in desiring on something, dreaming about it and not taking any actions to achieve it.

Make a detailed and very clear plan in your mind of the type of golf player that you would be able to become for the next coming years.

I could not tell you precisely what to make in the article. It could be 30 pages of important things, which could make your mind become so frustrating.

But I hope that in this article, I could motivate or inspire golf players to have a look at the present level of physical fitness (both flexibility and strength) and come up with a detailed plan (either with a help of a professional golf fitness expert or on your own). As a result, it would transform a golf game easily and quickly. It is not as difficult as you thought before. Just make a few of the proper strength exercises or golf stretch in your own home for a couple of hours a week, there by making significant change to your golf game.

Now stay away from the personal computer or laptop and do the below stretch exercises right away. It would feel so well on the lower part of your back.

It is the cross over of lying leg:

  • Lying on your back with extended legs
  • Raising 1 leg and bending it at knee to 90 degrees with your hip and knee
  • Crossing this leg over other extended leg, while the opposite shoulder should stay on the ground
  • Going until the slight pull in your lower back and butt
  • Holding and then repeating it once more time
  • Switching your legs and doing with the opposite side

This is only one easy exercise of a bunch that you could do without equipment or complicated setup. It would transform a golf game dramatically and quickly for many coming years! Happy golf playing! And also remember to hit the golf ball straight and long.

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