Have you ever found out how you could get the level of toughness in your mind that golf players, the celebrities and professional stars in sports in a very similar way have achieved?

The answer is obviously simple. That is patience, the ability to stay calm without complaining in any bad situations.

Great patience is an element that a professional golf players and (no I am not kidding at all) a good gambler have in common.

A successful gambler wins by waiting a casino out. If they get lost a spin on a roulette table, they will double the last bet. However, the odds are in the gamblers’ favor. You could see that if they keep going on betting and doubling the existing risk, the stats would usually work out for them in the end.

Thus, what the gambler does is to wait until the number hits, and then beat the casino as well as beat the odds. This is a typical example to explain the importance of patience, looking at the large amounts are at risk for a successful gambler.

The man who could wait for the glory is the person who could cut it like a professional gambler. But those who can not be able to enjoy the unavoidability of losing an amount of money will not and cannot be successful. On the contrary, those guys, who have been used to the feeling of losing, win continuously.

Keep up your head

A professional gambler is not upset so easily. He does not get disappointed when he does not win a bet. He does not get angry when he did not get enough money in a winning bet. He does not get disappointed when he was not successful.

A perfect golf player is a lot similar to a perfect gambler.

When the final decline in form happens as in any types of sport, a good golf player will keep up the head and the mind definitely on a goal. In other words, patience is the key.

Golf players do not expect to par or birdie all of the holes. When a game does not go well or when the consistency of a game is fluctuating all the time, they do not feel upset themselves. They know that a game of golf is mostly about the inconsistency, a game could be extremely good and the next one could be a terrible round. It is just the normal way a golf game is.

Follow the great golf players

This way of thinking was a strategy, which was used by a famous golf player and went on the public at the end of the 60s. Previously, he had won many major championship trophies just to keep going on a 3-year drought.

His drop in form was greatly publicized in the press too, but what did he need to say on the problem?

“I thought when I became professional that I could be able to get optimal shape then keep it for a long time, probably forever.

The real life hit home gradually when I took a tour, making me to realize and accept the eternal inconstancy of golf.”

He believed that once he had become professional, he would keep his optimal shape for the rest of the career, and never feel confused at a game of golf again. He could not have been wrong.

By anticipating the consistency level, when thing went worse, he got rid of his confidence as the professional golf player.

The key element that keeps him from the way of self-destruction was the patience. I understand that I keep on saying this, but it is definitely essential. He understood that a golf game could usually consist of inconsistency all the time. All he needed to do was to double the bet, and finally the principle of average would work in his favor too.

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