How to Fix Thin and Fat Shots In Your Game?

Pure contact with the turf and golf ball is probably the best feeling that every golf player can experience in a game. Unfortunately, it is not actually what most of them experience on a day to day or shot to shot basis. Most of the thin and fat thin shots have one thing in common, that is a too far bottom of the swing behind the golf ball.

Let’s take a look at several reasons for this problem and how to fix it on the golf course.

Number 1 - Excessive Head Move

In an attempt to produce the power, a golf player will usually move off too far from the golf ball to the left for a left-handed golfer. If he fails to move back to the right at impact, his weight would remain on the trail leg and the club might l bottom out prior to impact. Therefore, it is recommended to have another player hold am alignment stick or golf club outside your left ear as you are making a couple of practice swings and eventually work up to striking full shots with the golf ball. This would feel limiting or strange at first, but jut with a little practice, the bottom of the swing would bottom out in the proper spot and you would start to generate center face contact with the golf ball.

Number 2 - Ball Position

Fixing your thing as well as fat shots would be as straightforward as the golf ball is too far forward in the stance.

Use a mirror to work on your setup to feel like a vertical line. This might intersect down from the right eye through the golf ball and your hands. From this stance, you are probably in a good beginning to return the golf club to a suitable impact position.

Number 3 - Reduction of the Your Arms Length at Impact

In general, it doesn’t take long after striking the ground behind a golf ball that your arms would find out how to avoid that impact condition by shortening. As a result, it will lead to a thin shot.

You should take a moment to paint the line on the golf course and strike the golf balls placing on the top of the line when you go to the practice range next time.

​After a couple of shots, you would become aware of the buckling of the elbows just before the impact as well as the shaft facing back away from the aiming target.

​In addition, try to make a contact in front of the line by striking the golf ball and the turf so that you would start to let your arms lengthen through impact properly and shaft leaning to the target.

Number 4 - Club Aims Too Far Left of the Target on the Top of Your Swing

From this stance, your golf club will have a tendency to rebound and reach the golf ball too much from the inside the target line through impact. In addition, golfers with this condition would tend to block and hook the golf ball away from the intended target.

Feel as if you are rotating your right forearm over the left in a backswing to get the golf club directed at the target or a little bit right of the target on the top. You could have this feeling by taking a range ball basket or basketball and feeling just like you are rotating the forearms over the left shoulder on the top.

​From this position, your elbows should be squeezed closer together, which makes it more likely for you to deliver the golf club properly to the golf ball for a good strike.

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