How to Deal with a Dread Backswing Dip?

In general, this theory about golf swing would point you in the right direction because it could provide a golf player with a reliable list of dos and don’ts, which could be applied to determine your success in a backswing. In other words, it is all about reviewing your own gameplay as well as looking for the correct ways to improve this. Nevertheless, in some cases, it could be very challenging to figure out the exact reasons for some issues. Whether you are hitting a golf ball too thin, or topping it, finding out where the causes of the problems are coming from could be very difficult, to say the least.

In this article, we want to show you a quite horizontal and very solid plane of swing in comparison with other forms of golf swing that are instructed elsewhere. In fact, there are a lot of positive things that could arise from this kind of golf swing, but if a player does not perform it correctly, there are also a lot of negative results that could happen on the golf course.

This particular technique in the golf swing is often applied to get rid of some common annoying issues in which you hit behind a ball (this is one of the main causes with a shot of many golf players). Our major aim, nevertheless, is to equip you with all necessary and essential information you should learn so that when any problems happen, you would know which kind of adjustment to make. As a result, you can make a correct shot with the golf ball during a game.

The problem that you are facing​

For most golf players, the most common problem in these situations is that their back part of the shoulder in a backswing would be dipping down. It indicates that this part of their body is heading to the ground. In general, this is a very challenging task to perform when their weight is moved back away from the aiming target and as we mentioned earlier, you do not have any lateral movement. Nevertheless, this is actually a very common issue with a lot of golf players, who often play with a horizontal plane of swing. The main solution to this problem is to lower the back part of your shoulder when the plane of the swing gets more horizontal.

If you lower the back shoulder to the ground during a backswing, a lot of different matters would happen as the result of it. Other important things in this process such as timing, the position of your hand on impact, the follow through, and the shift of your weight through could all be interrupted badly.

The solution to this issue​

Do not worry though because there is a very simple solution to this common issue in many golf players. First of all, you need to head down to the local range of practice and take with you a couple of golf balls. Put one of these balls under the back part of your foot (it needs to be half in the ground to keep you from falling over). In general, this drill is applied to get rid of your matter and would help you make more solid and consistent connection with a golf ball.

In addition, this drill would make sure that you do not shift your weight away and back from the aiming target while practicing a golf swing, and it would also help you in dipping the shoulder back.

Make sure that you practice this exercise drill frequently so that you can be accustomed to making solid and good contact with a golf ball. If you start to notice that you are striking behind the golf ball during a round, then the issue would arise from the position of your shoulder on a backswing.​

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