How to Correctly Release a Golf Club?

All golf players want to have a perfect golf swing, but most of them do not know where to begin. If you are one of those people who are trying to find out the answer, then an important factor to consider is the release of the club during a golf swing. In general, it is probably one of the most essential, but also most misunderstood moves in a golf swing.

Making a proper release of swing would not only help to improve the precision of a shot, it would also help to improve the power that you are able to create on impact.

How to make a proper release in the golf swing?​

In general, the wrists and hands are the best momentum or speed generators in a golf swing. Therefore, if you arrange the course of moves properly, then the speed of the clubhead would be improved greatly on impact.

Basically, there are 2 feelings occurring throughout a down swing, including the unhinging of your wrists and the rotation of arm. If you get the unhinging of your wrists later, then you would be able to create more momentum and power. On the other hand, if you are grasping the golf club too firmly, it would probably prevent the movement. Thus, you need to loosen up the club a little bit and grasp it approximately 30 or 40 per cent of the strongest grasp. By doing this, you would free the arms up and prevent the clubface from being too open or closed.​

It is highly recommended to allow the momentum of the arms, hands and golf club to release by their own other than attempting to pull a golf club on impact. In order to have a better understanding on how to release properly through the hands and arms, you should have a look at other section of this golf site.

Also make sure that you are letting the arms, hands and golf club have a free flow during a downs wing. As a result, the generated momentum would help to release properly. In addition, when you really need to increase the distance, try to allow the unhinging of your wrists for the very last moment since it would help to generate more momentum as well as more time lag in a golf club that lead to impact.

Another important thing to pay attention is to release properly first. If you are still facing problems with the release in a golf swing, then you should try a couple of useful tips below.

A useful drill

​Make the golf swing in a slow movement. Pay attention to the counterclockwise rotation of your left arm (right for right handed player) (turn over your right arm on impact) and and the unhinging of your wrists before the impact. When it is at impact, stop to check if the clubface would be square. If it is not, then you must be rotated the right arm excessively or inadequately.

Once you have performed this slow release for a couple of times, try to improve the speed bit by bit until you get the comfortable feeling in rotating your arms or unhinging your wrists.


To greatly increase the chance of improving the release in a golf swing, it is a perfect choice to use a golf impact bag, which is a quite suitable piece of equipment for any golf players to make the rotation of their arms much simpler. In general, a lot of professional coaches and experts use this item to help their golf students learn the proper stance that they should be prepared on impact. This includes allowing you to put off the unhinging of your wrist as late as possible to create more power.

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