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Why Should You Match Your Swing with Your Body Type?

In this post, out basic assumption is that different types of body will need different approaches to make a swing. A couple of those possibilities are small but are important to consistency and success on the golf course. In general, our bodies are often different right from birth, which means they would develop differently.I do […]

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The important of respecting the rules of golf

Whether you are a professional golf or a newbie, everyone will encounter situations where they unsure of the rules. So we polled our experts, enthusiasts and industry insiders on what they believe are the most misunderstood rules in golf. ​One amateur golf player shared that she has been playing golf since 2007 and she […]

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Turn your slice into a draw

The majority of golfers slice, this topic I will explain how to go about changing that frustrating weak slice into a more penetrating draw shot that feels much more solid and travels a lot further. I recommend practicing the drills below to begin eradicating your slice and enjoying your golf more.Grip​It’s important to understand that […]

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What is next for the golf driving tips?

Tip 12: You play golf like you are enjoying baseballIt sounds strange, isn’t it? One of other great golf tips for driving that you know so well. Although it is not the average tips of yours, this is quite good to improve your driver.You can make some practices of waist – high swings like you […]

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More driving tips for you

Tip 9: Your food should Always be Kept AnchoredThe essential tips of golf driving in order to hit the golf ball longer is you should keep the foot anchored as well as the body always behind the golf ball. If you do not know what is your anchored food, I can show you now. The […]

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How to solve some problems during the golf game?

Lost ballThe options available for a possible lost ball are a situation that we find to be misunderstood often. Under the rules, you are allowed five minutes to search for a missing ball, after that your only option is to return to where you last played your shot to play again. Going back to play […]

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You may be surprised that this month’s discussion is not about getting as much distance as possible but in fact, controlling how far the ball goes on and around the green. It is the ability to control distance on shorter shots that I find juniors pay the least attention to in practice and therefore find […]

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Golf is a certainly a difficult game and learning how to score lower is a combination of hitting the ball better and improving your course management. After a time all golfers will come to a point where there game and scores stagnate and they hit a personal scoring barrier. In this article I will recommend […]

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play golf in winter

Tips to Play Golf in the Winter

For a large amount of golf players, it must be a good time to give the golf course a rest until weather conditions improve, but that is definitely the worst thing that you would do to your game. In fact, golf is a much easier sport when you have committed your moves such as method […]

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hit ball out of sand trap

How to Hit a Ball Out of the Sand Trap

Hit out of shallow or wet bunkers When a ball drops in the bunkers, we can’t always look for the perfect conditions of sand. The sand trap could be shallow or wet. And this will need a change in the basic technique for making shot in the sand trap. On a basic shot in the […]

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