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Increase the Distance of a Golf Driver Club

Hitting A Golf Ball Further Did you notice that your golf driver club is the second most essential one in your golf bag, next to a putter golf club? Well, this is really correct. If you would like to understand why, it is because the performance of you drive has an effect on the rest […]

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A Guide for Golf Players to Hit a Long Iron Golf Club

A long iron golf club is definitely the most challenging one in your bag to hit. To summarize the challenge of using a long iron club, a famous professional golf player have summed up with a well-known remark on lightning, God and a 1 iron club. And I myself could not sum it up better than […]

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How Can Golf Player Make a Swing without Tension

The most important thing for a perfect golf swing with the distance is probably a smooth golf swing, which is not tense and tight. Nevertheless, a very prevalent problem that I see with some of my golf students and those players who read this golf blog is that they have used too much force in […]

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Increase the Precision and Distance of the Driver

The well-known phrase “chalk and cheese” could certainly be used to talk about the link between a long drive and its precision. But do you know that it does not need to be like this? You see that there are many methods of practice out there, which could enable any golf players to hit a […]

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