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How to Deal with a Dread Backswing Dip?

In general, this theory about golf swing would point you in the right direction because it could provide a golf player with a reliable list of dos and don’ts, which could be applied to determine your success in a backswing. In other words, it is all about reviewing your own gameplay as well as looking […]

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How to Stop Hooking a Golf Ball?

Sometimes, you would have heard from other more professional players than yourself that it would be more challenging to learn how to fix a hook in golf than it would to learn the technique of fixing a slice. In my opinion, it is completely wrong as the reasons for a slice in golf are really […]

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Set Up The Suitable Height of a Tee in Golf

Question: What is the proper height should a player tee a golf ball? So you are a new golf player and this is the first time you stand before a golf tee. You might get your golf ball and tee in hand, but the most important question is how far should your press the tee to […]

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Lag Putting: How to Eliminate 3 Putts?

In a lag putt, you need to put close to the hole that is ready for a shorter one. It is often applied to eliminate three putts in a golf round by controlling the distance of putting on longer putt. It is less than 4 percent likely to hole a putt for a high handicapper […]

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Battling Preconception: How to Hit Down on a Golf Ball?

Most of us know that golf is an old and complicated game, but for the ill educated people, it might seem really easy. Even though it is quite simple in theory, everything can seem to be more challenging in practice on a golf course. How difficult can playing golf be? Why is it so hard to […]

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How to Correct Your Golf Back Swing?

Make a golf back swing that improves your consistencyIn general, the theory of golf swing in this post is not only simple to accomplish as well as understand, but it is also very successful and effective for any golf players, regardless of beginners or experienced golfers. We will tell you the exact reason why many […]

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How to Buy The Suitable Putter Club?

The length and fitting of a putter clubIf somebody told me that there are a wide range of changes on the putter these days, I could presumably answer by saying “that is all”. This is simply because I have used dozens of putter over the past 20 years. I am pretty sure that I have bought […]

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How to Correctly Release a Golf Club?

All golf players want to have a perfect golf swing, but most of them do not know where to begin. If you are one of those people who are trying to find out the answer, then an important factor to consider is the release of the club during a golf swing. In general, it is […]

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How to Have a Better Management in The Golf Course?

No matter whether you have been playing golf for many years or whether you have just started to taken up this great sport, this useful article would help to improve or even change the way you perform in a golf game. I understand that you always want the score to lower a lot. In addition, I […]

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