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How to Start with Golf

Golf is a sport for business men and it is quite hard to play golf properly. Let’s review some rules of this sport in the following article. Equipment and accessories First of all, you need to prepare some basic equipment and accessories for yourself to start this sport. In general, the golfers should use iron […]

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Golf Equipment for the Beginners

Golf is considered as a select player sport as gold not only has specific rules about uniform but also demands the necessary equipment for players. Golf is a sport that has a high demand on equipment from golf clubs, golf balls to golf uniforms such as shoes, hats, glasses… A simple set of golf equipment […]

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Golf and the Basic Rules of the Game

A lot of historians discuss that the Kelven in Netherland is the first place of golf. They believe that the golf sport is appeared at this land for the first time. Moreover, the word “Golf” comes from the word “Kolf” in Netherland. The first golf course all over the world is The Gentlemen Golfers of […]

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Firethorn Gives Back in Many Ways

The Golf Fitness Magazine Pay It Forward Award recognizes those companies that go above and beyond in promoting golf fitness, nutrition, and humanitarian efforts and contributions to individuals, their community or the environment. The award–announced in each issue of Golf Fitness Magazine–is presented to a company that has taken their golf product or company and […]

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It Only Takes Me 3 or 4 Holes to Get Warmed Up

It’s a busy Saturday on the first tee at the local golf course. The golfers are excited and ready to enjoy a round of golf with friends. Most of the golfers have just gotten out of bed, dressed in their “finest” golfing attire, may have had one or two cups of coffee and possibly a […]

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