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The 6 Rs To Achieve Success in A Mental Golf Game

Most of golf players are familiar with an old expression say that: “Golf is ninety percent in your mental and the other ten percent in your mind.” This is always true on the golf course. While learning the essential techniques, understanding the fundamentals, and planning yourself to a lot of practice is important to lowering […]

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The Keys To An Easy Drive

The higher the handicap of a golf player is, the more pivotal a tee ball gets. Driving the golf ball into trees, bunkers, rough, water, and other hazards are the reasons why a high-handicapper rack up the strokes.As a golfer becomes more proficient, he develops necessary skills to deal with trouble hit pitches and shots […]

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Slice Killers That You Can’t Miss

No player wants to slice a golf ball, but it is what most amateur players often struggle with. So, let’s dive into several useful slice killers to improve your performance during a golf game.​1. Add TopspinHave you ever wondered what makes a slice to turn? The answer is either you have made an out-to-in swing […]

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How To Develop A Powerful Golf Launch Pad?

Each golf tournament, as a full-time coach and teacher, I often reexamine the techniques that I and others have used. During the past 20 years, we have seen golf technique information and golf instruction evolve. The how-to emerges in abundance to the degree where the students desperately need. And this makes me think that someone […]

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How To Hit A Draw?

Golf players of all experience and levels of skill often consider the shot that is described by 3 familiar words: “hit a draw” as a significant goal to achieve. The idea of a golf ball that lightly leaves the face to the right, then gets up to the apex and makes a minor left-hand turn […]

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5 Powerful Moves to A Perfect Golf Swing

Are you trying to change your golf swing forever to lower the scores on a golf game? Or confused about what you need to change to get a drop in the handicap? In fact, a perfect golf swing is definitely within your reach by watching how professional golf players perform on tournaments. Perhaps you might […]

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4 Simple Ways to Fix When Your Golf Cart Does Not Start

These days, electric golf cart is often a very reliable and excellent way to move around your working place, community, or a golf course. However, it could make you frustrated easily when several problems happen and you could not figure out the reasons why it does not start.Before giving you some simple methods to solve […]

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Helpful Drills to Improve Your Golf Game

If you truly want to improve your golf game, it definitely requires frequent practice. A good way to ensure that your practice time is helpful is to add several drills in your regimen. This does not only help cut out faults and train your golf swing, but also create a much more exciting session at […]

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How to Improve Your Mental Power in a Golf Game?

It is necessary to understand that your emotions and thoughts have a direct impact on your performance in a golf game, so you need to be know how your mind responds to challenging situations. In other words, your mental aspect has to be tough so that you would bounce back immediately after every bad bounce, […]

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4 Key Movements to Become a Better Golfer

After teaching golf to my students over the past 20 years, I have figured out a couple of important fundamentals that every professional golf player applies in their own games on the LPGA, PGA, Champion, and European tours. In other words, the four following movements are essential for any golfers to play golf at a […]

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