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How to Discover Your Pre-Shot Routine In Golf?

So the beginning of the season will begin soon. And you have completed your due diligence in preparation to play your best. Perhaps you have improved the range, followed a lesson or worked on your short game and putting stroke. But have you spent any time to the mental aspect of your golf game or […]

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4 Common Mistake of A Golf Beginner

Being a golf beginner is truly unique. Golf is probably one of the most challenging sports to play and learn at a high level, so most of beginners’ mistakes are often the rule instead of the exception.As a beginner, there will be a lot of rules and tips that you might need to learn, yet […]

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6 Great Methods To Make A Winning Stroke

1. Rhythm StickThe Rhythm stick, which basically resembles an alignment stick, is designed to teach a golf player how to keep his through-stroke as well as backstroke in an equal distance with the aim of grooving his rhythm. This is achieved thanks to several color-coordinated sections in the stick (red color for a longer putt […]

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3 Ways To Have A Better Ball Striking

It is the split second for the truth: The short moment when the clubface meets the golf ball. When you are coming right down to it, there will be nothing else in your game matters. That is the reason why an accurate and consistent ball striking is what all of golf players always fight for […]

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3 Ways To Maximize Your Time On The Golf Course

A great golf player once said that: “Listen, we are sitting here and talking about practice, not the game, not the game, not the game, but we are talking about PRACTICE.” So what does that mean and how is there anything wrong with golf practice?As a keen writer and a professional golf player, I noticed […]

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Simple Steps to Make a Solid Chip Shot Every Time

For many golf players, a good short game is probably the key to a great golf game on the course. Even the top golfers miss the green quite frequently. That is the reason why they always work so hard on these important up-and-down chance to save par. To be honest, I cannot highlight enough how […]

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How to Fix Thin and Fat Shots In Your Game?

Pure contact with the turf and golf ball is probably the best feeling that every golf player can experience in a game. Unfortunately, it is not actually what most of them experience on a day to day or shot to shot basis. Most of the thin and fat thin shots have one thing in common, […]

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How To Read The Wind in Golf?

Does the wind play any role in a golf game? The answer is yes, golf matters a lot.If you ask any of 90 professional golfers in the world after they have played their first round in Masters this month. Winds were at nearly 30 mph in average with gusts to 35. The average score for […]

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The 6 Rs To Achieve Success in A Mental Golf Game

Most of golf players are familiar with an old expression say that: “Golf is ninety percent in your mental and the other ten percent in your mind.” This is always true on the golf course. While learning the essential techniques, understanding the fundamentals, and planning yourself to a lot of practice is important to lowering […]

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