5 Best Golf GPS Watch Reviewed | August 2021

Playing golf has become one of the most popular and attractive outdoor activities all over the world these days. As more and more people, regardless of age or gender, are appealed to this leisure activity, there are a lot of new technologies which have contributed greatly to the sport.

The idea of GPS (Global Positioning System) technology has been closely connected with golf activities and that is the original which a golf GPS watch becomes available. Different watch manufacturers and even GPS-allowed technology corporations have taken the advantage of this potential opportunity and have offered their own models of golf GPS watch which permit people to make the exact decisions before doing the shot.

A golf GPS watch is the latest advancement in distance-finding equipment, integrating practicality and style with convenience. It could tell you the exact time as well as automatically navigate the course.

Best Golf GPS Watch

Top 5 Best Golf GPS Watch 2021 – Comparison Chart

  1. Garmin Approach S2 GPS Golf Watch with Worldwide Courses (Black)

A system of worldwide courses is integrated into the equipment. The whole procedure from updating and installing of syncing course files to downloading course maps is perfect and smooth.

The clip for charging is quite easy for the users to use (actually it has the same clip of charging as the S3 watch, which is much greater than the clip of the S1). The Garmin Approach S2 watch offers distance to back, middle and front areas of the green (“back” and “front” areas are relative to the user location), rather than being confined to set back and front areas.

The model factor of the Garmin Approach S2 is very helpful, and positioning through the equipment’s screen is rather easy.

Even although many people have their minor complaint and criticism on its implementation, the scoring application is also available in this equipment

You could go out and play golf in the torrential rain or even thunderstorm because this golf GPS watch is water-resistant. This is one of the biggest advantages of this equipment because golf is an outdoor sport and activity, and the weather is not always nice for you to play it.


  • This GPS watch is easy to use and navigate.
  • Covers 3 typical distances: far, center, and near a player.
  • ​The distances of a shot could be estimated simply.
  • A golf player could keep their track.
  • ​Free access to the database each year.
  • The coverage of the course is very exact.
  • ​This device also consists of the built-in milometer.


  • Lack extra images and distances on the hazard.
  • Do not keep the track of statistics and scores.
  • ​The lifespan of the battery is quite low, lasting for about 8 hours.
  • ​The clip of charging does not fit with to the port properly.
  • Auto advanced technology could not be disabled.
  1. Bushnell NEO XS Golf GPS Rangefinder Watch

Compared to other GPS Golf Watch entry level, the Bushnell NEO XS is the most innovative model, especially in the overall design. It has circular rather than square form as previous watches, which improves the users’ effectiveness and flexibility.


When it comes to accuracy and ease for using, this GPS golf watch performs perfectly as advertised. In addition, setting up this watch is like a piece of cake so you do not have to be a mastermind to use the equipment. For this reason, even if you have ever never used a GPS golf watch before, you could definitely use this Bushnell model without any difficulty and problem.

While the equipment provides a longer battery lifespan compared to other GPS golf watches in the market, you could take advantage of it by pressing only 1 button for the round milometer. Instead of this, when the Bushnell NEO watch is in functional mode, you could expect the equipment to last up to 24 hours with just a single charge.

In addition, you do not need to wait for the courses recognition because this watch immediately identifies the courses.


  • Offer up to 99 per cent precise data for the coverage of golf course.
  • More expensive price tag.
  • Provide additional information on the hazard.
  • Integrate modern technology in water resistant, auto advance and shot tracking.


  • Does not keep the track on statistics and scoring.
  • Long process of setting up and synchronizing.
  1. Bushnell Neo Ghost Golf GPS

This GPS watch uses the database of iGolf course system, which integrates more than 33000 golf courses. That could be a lot of courses, but it could be worth buying because you will do not need to waste time finding and updating course files from the internet. In addition, this innovative technology enables users to find the course more precisely and quickly


The user interactive screen is very simple and highly instructive, meaning that it could provide you with GPS distance to the back, center and front of each green. The Bushnell Neo Ghost equipment also tracks up to 4 hazards for every hole, namely water hazard or large and lake bunker with uneven shape

A multi-use and plastic clip is integrated on the back of the equipment, which could enable users to attach the GPS watch to their bag strap or belt. It could feel quite strong and easily fit on most decent bag edges without problem and would do bigger ones, but that can give up its integrity and quality.

The equipment has a long battery lifespan which can lasts up to 14 hours on just a single charge.


  • The battery could last up to ten hours.
  • Integrates more than 38 thousands golf courses worldwide.
  • Update the data of golf course without extra cost every year.


  • One of the most costly models in the market.
  • Does not support any online portal for data tracking.
  1. GolfBuddy VS4 Golf GPS

The VS4 golf watch of Golf Buddy combines a wide variety of strengths from other compact GPS equipment in the market. Firstly, the voice feature of this model, of course, is the most striking variation that differentiate it from the other various GPS golf watches in the market for the time being.


The Golf Buddy VS4 is multilingual device and really enjoyable to use. This equipment is essentially a simple device which provides exact distance navigation for the users to the back, center and front of the green. Apart from this, it also can reads out smartly the distance for the users to hear, and thus you do not need to look at the small screen to check the distance. Of course, if you believe that the voice of the equipment is diverting to other users, you have an integrated option to make the voice function disabled.

Last but not least, the VS4 is a removable watch with a good battery lifespan (10 hours) and lightweight design, so the users could use it in versatile situations. For example, you could clip it on your hat, or wear it easily on your wrist with a classy strap.


  • The display could track the distance or put the pin at manual area.
  • Integrates more than 38 thousands golf courses.
  • Provides a latest technology in advance statistics, score, layup and yardage.
  • ​Easy access to the online portal of Garmin.
  • ​Connect easily with a smart phone.
  • Do not need to pay money each year for the database.


  • Does not provide technology for training or pinpointing.
  • It has an expensive price.
  1. Garmin Approach G6 Handheld Touchscreen Golf Course GPS

The Approach G6, the latest model in the GPS golf watch series of Garmin, is an exceptionally effortless equipment to sync and set up, even when we download the newest updates of course. If only synchronization each GPS golf equipment worked this easily and smoothly.


Garmin keeps on improving the amount of courses that has mapped, and the Approach G6 is outstanding in the course coverage check. More specifically, it could be placed among the best devices in the market.

Speaking of the design, the G6 has a wonderfully lightweight and small form. In addition, it also provides a simple user interface, including many buttons and a touch screen, which allows the user to effectively access various characteristics and enter the information. All of the courses are stored on the equipment.

The users could feel free to use this equipment in the rain because the Garmin G6 is made water resistant.


  • Lightest and smallest golf GPS watch in the market.
  • An extended life of battery.
  • Offer latest technology in tracking and statistical analysis.
  • Provide database without any extra costs.
  • More options with a score card.
  • Perfect display with high resolution and detailed images.
  • It is very simple to set up and synchronize.


  • The crash or minor bug could be observed by several players.
  • Sometimes hard to see the score on the display.
  • Data or information could not be stored on the computer.

Why Should You Select Golf GPS Watch At All?

  • Provide precise distance: Playing golf is all about estimating distance and then accordingly makes short or long shots. It could be distance to hazard, distance to the goal or distance to back, middle and front of the green.

    Golf GPS watch has significantly reduced the manual time that players spend in measuring the distances as it could provide the precise distance between the hole of target and you.

    As a result, it helps us improve the standard of our game by supporting in doing correct shots.

Select Golf GPS Watch

  • Help to decrease handicap: Although it is not compulsory for you to use a Golf GPS equipment, the beginner has showed a smaller process of learning in getting over their handicap and has tendency to relish more on the field with the help of GPS watch. The players will be spared from the tension of manual estimation and calculation on the field and thus pay more attention on the accuracy of hits.

    If you would like to experience and play on new maps or courses and want to be a professional player, it is definitely a mandatory device for you. It would help boost your confidence during the game and could support you to make accurate shots with precise distance.

  • Really useful for out of sight shot: Your target could be hidden behind the slope or tree, out of sight or there could be a lake or a bunker as obstacles.

    However, with a golf GPS watch, you could confidently make a precise shot and thus avoid doing blind hit so that the ball goes as planned. Those are definitely great advantages and benefits compared to the laser rangefinder.

Really useful for out of sight shot

  • Use faster with more effectiveness: Gone is the time when golf players have to move around the course to estimate yardage. With a golf GPS watch, you could play endlessly that your friend will have to keep pace with his breath to catch you.

    Since you have already known the precise distance you would have to play, you could choose the right club straight away and without questions. The availability of this innovative technology in GPS equipment has boosted its effectiveness and popularity by offering precise measurement.

  • Have better understanding of your range with each golf club: With each shot, you will want to know how short or far of the real yardage. If done physically, it can not give the precise estimation of your range since you could under or over estimate it.

    Thus, it would take you many years to overcome this defect. With a golf GPS watch, you could accurately assess how far you have made the shot so that you would make right club pick for next time.

Which Factors To Consider While Choosing A golf GPS Watch?

  • Accuracy: Accuracy is certainly one of the most decisive factors when it comes to buying a GPS golf equipment. You would only be able to see advancement in your game by depending on a device that offers actual results which based on the map or course and the technique you play.
  • Battery lifespan: The battery lifespan of your GPS golf watch is a greatly significant factor as many others. It would identify the amount of time that you need to spend for a stage of golf game or how many stages you could be able to go for a particular charge. It is essential to find an equipment which is easy to operate for various rounds at the same time.
  • Design: The design of a GPS golf watch includes its form, colour, shape and theme. Many users go for equipment that has a more modern appearance as a personal taste The function of the device is a more essential feature, but the outside look could also have effect on how well you use the equipment.
  • Cost: The price of your equipment could be determined by many factors. You could want to pay more money for GPS watches which offers more characteristics and vice versa. If you just have a tight budget, you should go for a model which balances characteristics which are appropriate for your necessity with a decent and affordable price.
  • Reliability: Reliability is an essential factor which shows up in various ways. You want a GPS golf watch that offers you with consistent operation and does not provide odd outcomes or randomly loses its function.


Until now, we have provided a variety of useful information and comparison to help you in your consideration process. Even with all of the advice that you have been informed, the buying decision lies only in your hands. Thus, you should kick off the process by getting down to the fundamentals of what you are looking for in your GPS equipment.

Men Taking a shot

In addition, you should have a look at the equipment that you have chosen and proceed by making comparison with other brands of GPS watch. Remember to consider various factors because the smallest variation between brands could have a great effect once you have gone far in the buying process.

A golf GPS watch can definitely change your game in a positive way, thus get started with this review and get out to buy the most suitable one for you.