How To Choose The Best Golf Clubs for Beginners 2018?

Golf brings passion to us in a very attractive way, and it is certainly the game of passion that each gentleman loves to play. As this is a sport that many players are happy to spend a large sum of money to buy the best equipment. And of all devices, the golf club is definitely the most vital one since you could not play a game without it.

Therefore, if you are a new or professional player, you need to have the most suitable golf clubs for beginner so that you could not only enjoy the game but also enhance your practical skills.

There are lots of brands available in the market in terms of golf club, and they vary in performance, style and design. Some are appropriate for new users while others could only suitable for professional golfers.

In addition to this, considering various reviews could also make it easier for them because they would not have to waste a lot of time going for a golf set. Thus, to help you buy the most suitable golf club set which could improve your general golf experience, the following is our reviews and comparison for some popular golf club sets.


Top 5 Best Golf Clubs for Beginners - Comparison Chart

Top 5 Best Golf Clubs for Beginner Reviews 2017

1. Callaway complete Golf Set of Golf Club with Bag - Strata 12 pieces

Callaway is probably one of the most famous brands in the golf device industry. This Strata set of 12 pieces is made with a typical mind of beginner, and it offers every types of club that players need to use during the game.

Callaway Men's Strata Complete Golf Club Set with Bag (12-Piece)
  • Drivers: This Callaway version provides an innovative driver which is 460 cubic centimeters, and it is also equipped with a big sweet mark that could give a new user more willingness than while he uses other types.
  • Fairway Wood: As the driver, the 3 woods is really willing, and it also has a head in aerodynamic form which could enable a player to make shot fly higher and further.
  • Hybrid: Hybrid is one of the best device for a golf player since it could offer a perfect option to the long iron. It not only has high and flexible quality but also provides a beginner more confidence in every golf shot.
  • Stand Bag: This version has a durable and light stand bag with 5 suitable pockets to store the equipment and an additional one for the bottles of water. In addition, it has a rucksack strap and a rain hood to make it simple for players to move around the golf course.
Callaway Men's Strata Complete Golf Club Set with Bag (12-Piece)


  • This bag is physically attractive.
  • Made of high quality materials.
  • This is a really reasonable set of golf.
  • Most of the golf clubs strike well and farther.
  • Lightweight design with a lot of pockets for storage space.
  • The golf clubs are really durable.
  • Also provides some straps at the back.


  • The putter club seems to be less durable and inexpensive.
  • This set does not have a sand wedge club.
  • The grips could be not quite smooth on your hands.
  • The driver club in this set is more difficult to use.

2. Wilson Ultra Standard Golf Club Set

All the information about the standard golf set of Wilson is quite simple and easy to understand. Nevertheless, all the golf clubs are created creatively to practice their uses as well as to make sure that any beginners could develop their techniques quickly.

Wilson Men's 2015 Ultra Complete Package Golf Set, Standard

In addition, the stand bag is one of the advantages of this set since it not only support players in transporting the club but also provides them extra space for other stuff.

Wilson Men's 2015 Ultra Complete Package Golf Set, Standard
  • Set Makeup: This golf set has one driver, three woods, four hybrids, five ions and one putter, thereby making it a suitable set for a new player.
  • Material: The wood and driver are manufactured with graphite shaft, meaning that they could be very durable and reliable. In addition, the iron and hybrid are designed with steel shaft which would offer the golf players control.
  • Putter: This golf set provides a latest putter which would support a beginner gain accuracy and develop his practical skills.
  • Stand Bag: The set also provides a stand bag in ergonomic form that is really durable so that the players could carry, store and protect their stuff such as golf clubs, balls, smartphone and bottles of water around the golf course.


  • Durable golf clubs with high quality.
  • The price tag is affordable.
  • This golf set offers players with 3 covers.
  • The golf clubs move perfectly.
  • Most of the clubs are manufactured in typical size- Provides with a good bag for storage.
  • The hybrid club are perfect for a beginner.


  • The head of the driver breaks off easily after a very short period.
  • Does not have a sand wedge club.
  • Just provide model with yellow color.

3. Callaway Complete Golf Club Set - Strata 18 Pieces

If you are a new player and are having problems in getting the balls from the bunkers or doing a good swing, then you should purchase this golf set of 18 pieces from Callaway. It is a cheap golf club set which not only offers every stuff that you need but also provides high quality performance. It has 6 irons, 2 woods, 2 hybrids and 1 driver.

Callaway Men's Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set, 18-Piece
  • Putter: It provides a typical putter of Callaway that could make aiming the target much easier for the golf players.
  • Iron: When you purchase this golf set you will get 6 excellent irons that would support you bring your game to the next degree in a short time.
  • Driver: Ultimate Complete Set of Callaway comes with a basic size (460 cc) driver which could provide you a very good sweet mark so that you could make a good and far shot.
  • Bag: The club set comes with a perfect stand bag which is also very durable and light. In addition to this, it also looks classy and has various pockets for other golf equipment.
  • Weight: With a full club set, the aggregate weight of it is just 25 lbs, and this makes it one of the lightest golf set in the market.
Callaway Men's Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set, 18-Piece


  • Those golf club have perfect grips.
  • The driver club is very simple to use for a golf beginner.
  • It is a cheap golf set.
  • Provides a player with full 18 clubs.
  • Aim to make better shots and control more effectively.
  • The golf bag has a lot of space for storage.
  • It has a very classy style.


  • The shaft and driver could break easily.
  • The golf bag is a little bit rickety and not strong enough to store.
  • Both the clubs and the bag do not have the logo of “Callaway”.

4. Callaway Plus Complete Golf Club Set with Bag - Strata 16 Pieces

There are various golf sets in the market, but few are as perfect as this set of 16 pieces from Callaway as it also provides players with a lot of golf balls. Nevertheless, this is not the only reason that makes it a perfect equipment as it also offers high-quality steel iron, a mallet putter, a wood with graphite shaft and a titanium driver that could give the golfers more confidence.

Callaway Men's Strata Plus Complete Golf Club Set with Bag (16-Piece)
  • Hybrid: The hybrid has 21 degrees, and this makes it more convenient for a beginner and also provides him better command and assurance of high flying shot.
  • Putter: This set comes with a great putter that would let you locate all shots, and it helps you gain much confidence during the game.
  • Stand Bag: The Callaway has manufactured this golf set with an attractive stand bag which has various pockets for all the equipment. In addition to this, it also has 2 straps to make it convenient to carry.
  • Extra: When you purchase this best golf club set for beginner, you also get many golf balls at no extra expense. You also get 3 woods, 3 head covers and 1 hybrid for your driver.
Callaway Men's Strata Plus Complete Golf Club Set with Bag (16-Piece)


  • Consists of the best golf club with high quality.
  • It has an affordable price tag.
  • The stand bag has high quality with a lot of hooks and pockets.
  • The bag offers several comfortable straps at the back.
  • The 3-wood and iron clubs have professional crafting.
  • The driver club is very easy to use.
  • A lot of golf balls accompanied with this set.


  • The driver clubs could break after a short period.
  • The putter club does not seem to keep balance well.
  • The 3-hybrid club in 21 degree is awkward to use.
  • Do not offers a 5-wood golf club.

5. Confidence Golf Power Hybrid Club Set With Stand Bag

If you are male players and you are also a complete beginner in terms of golf, then the power hybrid golf club set of Confidence is the best choice for you. It is affordable comes with every equipment that a new golf player needs to start this fantastic sport.

Confidence GOLF Mens POWER Hybrid Club Set & Stand Bag

This golf club set includes 3 oversized woods with graphite shaft, one steel shaft hybrid club, one putter and one stand bag with straps in backpack style for extra convenience.

As you could notice, this golf set does not provide all 14 clubs which players are permitted. So instead, it includes the clubs that are easiest for them to use but still offer the array of shots they need to get around the golf course. As a result, this has simplified the game for the new player by changing the focus on to getting confidence and accuracy in the golf swings first.

Confidence GOLF Mens POWER Hybrid Club Set & Stand Bag

Last but not least, Confidence has made this golf set one of the cheapest versions in the market, ranging from 99 USD and 130 USD online. If you are not going too much then it must be the best investment.


  • Golf clubs with very comfortable and big grip.
  • Provide a durable and soft shaft.
  • The price tag is cheap and fair.
  • Aim to help a player make better swings.
  • The golf bag is light with a lot of pockets.
  • Golf clubs with great design for better control.
  • Comfortable and easy to use for a golf beginner.


  • The shafts of the driver and 3-wood club could be better if tougher.
  • This golf set just offers average size.
  • Shaft of the iron or hybrid club would be bended.
  • The loft of a driver is rather unusual (14 degrees).

Why Should You Select Golf Clubs For Beginners At All?

  • Make use of golf club set made for beginners

 Some kinds of clubs are much easier to hit than the others. On one hand, you are probably better off with hybrid instead of the iron (3, 4 or 5). And the iron with larger sole (the bottom part of an iron) would reduce the possibility for the clubs to stuck to the golf course when you hit behind the ball too far.

In addition, by focus more on weight in the soles, the irons’ middle of gravity could be lowered and this could help shots fly with a higher curve. Generally speaking, a more willing iron would have a sole which assesses about the width of 2 fingers (from back to front edge). If an irons’ sole assesses less than the width of 1 finger, then you should be only playing it if you are paid money to do so.

  • Have a better understanding about golf set

There is no doubt that the suitable devices are always useful, but it is not as though you would need to spend all of your savings money to begin Instead of that, paying attention on choosing the type of device that would permit you to improve your imperfect practical skills with minimized costs. There will be a lot of time to consider after the newest, trendy versions in the market, but as a new layer, you should put your priority on learning over buying.

  • Choose the most suitable one before buying

 If you are a complete beginner who are looking for a club set, the you should go to a big golf shop and ask for the owner to try a 6 irons club with a normal-flex and a rigid-flex shaft. Basically, the more aggressive and faster the swings, the more you would like to have a shaft which is tagged "S" for rigid.

As a result, once you get cautious about the games and could be able to make consistent shot, a club fitting could enable you to make use most of your devices.

  • Having more loft means better

If you are not a well cooperated and strong player who is experienced with ball sports such as tennis, softball, baseball and hockey, for example, the you should go for wood that has more loft. Because the additional lofts basically mean that it could be easier to have the balls in the air and also could reduce sidespin so that shot flies straighter. Therefore, you should go for drivers with loft that has at least 10 degrees and fairway wood that begins at seventeen degrees, not fifteen degrees.

  • You just need a few clubs

You are permitted to bring as many as fourteen clubs in your set, but you will not need so many one like that when you are learning to play. Instead, you should start with one driver, one putter, one sand wedge and several supplements which have one wedge with 6 irons, 8 irons, one pitching, and one hybrid or fairway wood with degree of loft from 18 to 22.

Those are definitely the clubs that are the most willing and convenient for golf players to make shots. You could find new or used driver by titanium for as cheap as 75 USD and putter for more affordable price than online, but biggest golf and basic sporting goods also provide racks of used club.


A club set is the most essential equipment which you need to play a perfect of golf game. It is also one of the decisive factors that make golf a special sport as you would need certain kinds of club to play this sport.

As a new player, this could not be very clear since most players who have never practiced golf believe that they just use 1 club. There are various brands, and if you are going to play a competitive game, you would definitely use all of club. Even though it could look complex, once you get accustomed to playing golf and you understand the various kinds available as well as their functions, everything would be simple.


Information is probably the most essential thing that a new user needs when he goes shopping for a golf club set. Without practical and useful information, you could probably make the wrong decision and end up regretting.

Nevertheless, with the above useful things in mind, you would never have to be regretful as you could be optimistic about buying club set that could help you begin your golf career.

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