5 Best Golf Bags For the Money | August 2021

One of the most decisive factors which make playing golf a special sport is that the players could have a lot of gear or equipment to play with it. In addition to the various kinds of clubs needed when you are on the courses, you also need other essential devices such as a rangefinder, a swing analyzer, a bottle of water, or your personal stuff.

All those things would call for a specific kind of golf bag to carry them and also store them as you travel around the greens during a golf game. There are many kinds of golf bags, and they are made to work unequally with some means for usage with a cart and other equipment for transporting around on player’s back. Because there are also a lot of producers and distributors in the market, finding a suitable one could be really easy, but in fact, it is not.

Therefore, you need to search and read some reviews on golf bags to gain more practical information on the various kinds of bags and brands that are available so that you could make a rational decision before purchasing one.

Best Golf Bags

Best Golf Bags

Top 5 Best Golf Bags 2021– Comparison Chart

1. TaylorMade TM15 Supreme Hybrid Golf Bag

TaylorMade TM15 Supreme Hybrid Golf Bag


The Supreme Hybrid of TaylorMade integrates the practicality of a cart golf bag with the flexibility of a stand golf bag. The handle of 14-way top (10 inch x 8.5 inch) includes two slots to provide large putter clubs and 4 dividers in total size. It also offers an anti split system of stand, a strap of shoulder (4-point) with air net, and a hip pad with ergonomically molded EVA.

The golf bag itself is really light at 5.3 pounds, and you could be sure that it could make a striking difference after you have moved the whole course. It could be the worse thing to get to the final few holes and be tired of carrying a bulky bag around.

​Probably the most favorite characteristics of this golf bag is that there is a slot for every club which prevents your club from moving all over the bag. The other thing that golfers definitely enjoys this golf bag is the big handle on the top. With its durable form, the golf players could raise the bag straight from this handle and have not to be worried about any damages.


  • It has totally 4 dividers for effective club storage and protection.
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design (just 5.7 pounds) to carry easily.
  • ​This golf bag has totally 10 pockets.
  • It integrates a water-proof umbrella and rain hood.
  • The base is compatible with cart.


  • Straps of the shoulder and grab handle in the bottom are extremely narrow.
  • The upper part of the pocket is badly designed.
  • Pockets at the side just have standard size.

2. Nike Air Sport Lite Stand Bag

Nike Air Sport Lite Stand Bag

Nike produces many of the best-selling golf bags in the market, and one important reason a golf player loves this brand is because its bags are very durable. Just like other golf bags of Nike, this version is also very durable due to the high-quality material used in the production.

It also provide various pockets with zip for storing particular items. In addition, the players could keep their equipment unharmed from water when they have to play under rainy weather thanks to an integrated rain hood.

The Air Sport golf stand bag of Nike has a tremendous appearance. The stylish but simple design provides only enough emphasis to the stand bag without taking away any focus to the completely placed sections and characteristics. The matching colour of the zipper, swoosh, stand leg and oval emphasis in the straps of shoulder offers an striking difference to the solid base colour of the stand bag itself.

This stand bag is really light with very smart and well executed weight distribution. With a full set of golf club and about a couple of balls, the players could felt as though they are probably missing some kits.​


  • A very attractive and outstanding design.
  • A lot of pockets.
  • ​This golf bag is very durable with high quality materials.
  • The price is very affordable.


  • The pockets would easily tear during a short period.
  • Interior parts are designed with white color, so you need to wash this bag frequently Do not provide any divider for club separation.
  • The golf clubs could get twisted together in an untidy way.

3. Wilson 2015 Cart Lite Golf Bag

The Wilson Golf Cart Bag is definitely the excellent present for any golf lovers that could be in your house. Generally speaking, this golf bag offers players the ability to choose a professional England golf team and then have them completely embodied across her back.

​It also provides a top with 14 ways divider which brings to the players an individualized location for each of their club. With seven pockets in total, this Wilson bag could hold so much stuff so that you have to be very careful of losing something in it.

​This is the kind of bag that any other golf players would want to attach to their golf cart. This Wilson golf product is manufactured with a storage which is large so that the players could have enough space to store more devices that they use during the games.

​In addition, the Wilson bag is also designed in stylish form that would hold their club with style and would also act as a protector for their club. It also has a very perfect boot handle and lightweight form so that the players could find it a bit easy to take and move around.


  • A perfect choice for people with tight budget.
  • This golf bag has 7 pockets.
  • A handy strap to help player move easily with the golf bag.
  • Tough and durable thanks to good materials.
  • Suitable for moving or playing in bad weather condition.
  • Lightweight design for moving easily.


  • Golf club could not fit due to the shortage of space.
  • The strap for carrying is not made in a proper place.

4. Callaway 2015 Hyper-Lite 5 Golf Stand Bag

Callaway 2015 Hyper-Lite 5 Golf Stand Bag

This is a good looking golf bag which is also perfectly designed and therefore making it suitable for golf player who loves the aesthetic appearance of a golf bag.

​This bag is made with ten water resistant pockets in total, including: 4 pocket for accessories, a pocket for full size ball, a pocket for full length apparel, a pocket for thermal water bottle and a pocket with key chain for velour-lined valuable. In addition, the producers also provide various sizes, meaning that you could use the bag to bring nearly anything that you would think of carrying to the courses.

The Callaway Hyper golf bag is really light (approximately 52 lbs in weight), and you would barely feel its weight if the players are pushing or pulling it on their cart. Moreover, a system of e-trolley base permits this golf bag to match completely with most pull or push carts.

​In spite of all above advantages, the price of Callaway golf bag is really affordable particularly if we compare it to other golf bag brands with the same quality in the market.


  • Lightweight design, combined with a shoulder and the back or hip pad.
  • 9 pockets to provide a lot of space for storing your personal stuffs.
  • The price is highly competitive in the market, just about 180 USD.


The legs seem a little bit rickety, and do not move back well.

5. TaylorMade Ladies 2015 Catalina Cart Bag

TaylorMade Ladies 2015 Catalina Cart Bag

The Catalina version of TaylorMade has no less than nine removable pockets, including 1 pocket which have enough space for 18 holes to fit on the golf side, 3 pockets for simple access in the front.

In addition, there are 2 basic pockets on the side, a pocket on the top, 2 garment pockets and lastly, a soft-sided pocket for valuable stuff such smartphone or key. More important, the best description for Catalina Golf Bag could be to provide enough space for all possible golf courses.

This TaylorMade version probably not the most lightweight golf bag in the market (weighing in at about 7 pounds), but it is definitely not a heavy golf bag either for any players. On each cart, you do not need to worry a lot about the weight rather than putting it in or out of the trunk of your car. In addition, it is even got a good bottom and grips on the side, which include well designed handle to easily look after this task.


  • A well-organized design.
  • An incorporated system of dividers for separate storage.
  • Very cheap price tag, just 200 USD.
  • More than 9 pockets: 3 in the front and 2 at the side.
  • A good grip at the side and bottom with a well-organize handle.


  • This golf bag is a little bit heavier, about 7 pounds.
  • Just 5 sections of divider system could cover the whole length.

Why Should You Select Golf Bags At All?

Golf bags are produced to help golf players organize and carry their golf stuff such as clubs or balls. Nowadays, modern golf bags have different designs and characteristics that provide every golf players what they need.

Basically, there are 3 main kinds of golf bag, namely golf cart baggolf stand bag, and staff bag. Every type of golf bag has different functions and disadvantages as following:

  • Stand up Golf BagThis kind of golf bag are good for most amateur golf players. Stand up bag is really versatile and flexible, could hold most balls or clubs, and have additional characteristics such as cup holder and cooler. Moreover, this golf bag could stand up on its own, thus there is no need for players to buy an extra stand to keep the golf bag upright.
  • Golf Cart Golf BagThis type of cart bag is often the heaviest and biggest bag in the market as it is not made to be transported. In fact, a bigger and heavier bag means that it could has more useful characteristics such as and more pockets and extra space so that the players could carry as many clubs or balls as they want during the games.
  • Staff Golf BagThe staff golf bag has additional space for golf players with a packed set of 14 clubs and extra stuff. This high-quality golf bag provides perfect protection for ball and club as it has various pockets, which are designed to divide space between every club.
  • Generally speaking, each type of golf bag has its own benefits for players with varied needs. Golf players who only often use golf cart should go for a stand up golf bag. The lightweight form and incorporated stand system make this golf bag perfect for players to carry their club for most holes. For players who usually use golf cart should buy a cart golf bag.These golf players should make use of the storage abilities and characteristics which come with cart golf bag. Lastly, competition golf players who possess caddy should choose a staff golf bag. This type of bag is on top of the product and is used by most professional players.

How To Choose The Best Golf Bags?

To select the most suitable golf bag from different brands on the market, you should look at the following vital things:

  • Types
    Every kind of golf bag has its own features that could help you carry your clubs easily around the course, but it also has pros and cons. So when you go shopping for a golf bag, you should go for the kind that you want as all of them have different function.
  • Features
    Though the features of the bag mostly differ from one producer to the other, the kind would also have effect on this. For example, if you bring many clubs to the course, then the most important feature that you should consider is the number of pocket.
  • Budget
    Your budget would definitely determine the golf bag that you purchase as you can’t buy something out of your budget. Consider how much money you want to spend before giving your decision on which to purchase because various kinds have different ranges of price. If you do not mind spending a large amount of money you could buy the staff golf bag but if you want to have an affordable golf bag then a carry golf bag would be the most suitable choice.
  • Customer Review
    Regardless of which you want to buy, it is essential to read some reviews of golf bag on famous websites or forums to know what other players who have used it say. Getting practical information from players who have used them is the most trustworthy source of information anybody could get.


The golf bag is definitely your best friend while you are playing golf since it goes with you during the round and supports you to carry your important equipment on the courses. The golf bag also helps to keep your gears safe and declines the probability of missing any expensive stuff behind.

It is not simple to summarize the benefits of a golf bag when we are playing a golf game but what is more significant is buying a perfect one. To buy a good golf bag, that would benefit your golf game, it is essential first to know the various kinds available in the market.

It is also essential to consider where or when and how often you will use. All those points play a vital role for the buying process of a golf bag since every one of them is appropriate for various applications

The suitable golf bag is as essential as any other golf devices, and you have to be very eager when going for one to make sure that you get the suitable one. Understanding the top 5 brands above and knowing the basic information would make sure that you will buy a good golf bag to enjoy your game since you could always have anything you need with you.