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The 6 Rs To Achieve Success in A Mental Golf Game

Most of golf players are familiar with an old expression say that: “Golf is ninety percent in your mental and the other ten percent in your mind.” This is always true on the golf course. While learning the essential techniques, understanding the fundamentals, and planning yourself to a lot of practice is important to lowering the scores on a golf game, so is developing a good mental approach to every round and every swing, particularly under the high pressure of every tournament or competition.

In this post, I will show you 6 Rs to be successful in a mental golf game. These factors have been collected by me during the past 20 years of teaching my golf students in all levels, ages, and genders. Just like a basically sound setup and grip, these are also competitive skills that need to be developed and learned to become a better golf player. Follow this list while preparing for a golf game and take a post-round review of how well you have performed these 6 Rs. I believe your competitive IQ should be resilient soon!

1. Rhythm

Through the golf bag, from a putter to a driver, the key that keeps your swing together is probably the rhythm. In most cases, it needs to be a constant feeling and thought of focus, particularly when feeling the pressure of the moment.

2. Relax​

Pay attention to your deep rhythmic breathing and also focus on calming down the heart rate. A calm mind thinking in the present as well as an attitude of being grateful is the most important keys to make yourself relaxed under pressure in a golf game.

3. Routine​

Every great golf player in the past or at the present became great thanks to having a habit. Often considered as a process, a routine should start with thinking about what you want the result to be. After having a clear picture of what you want, you can start rehearsing the feeling of our shot option in a rhythmic manner. Now, it is time to walk to the golf ball as you are performing it on purpose.

4. Read​

Assess the current situation and put your trust on the intuition. Let’s break down that word to have a better understanding of this powerful tool, which we usually ignore to apply during every competition and tournament. “Intuition”: Taking the first section; “in” stands for your inner voice which you usually choose to neglect, particularly when facing with a challenging circumstance; and the second section, “tuition” is the price that you paid for your knowledge and skills.

In general, your experience of being in any similar cases and how you resolved it, whether successfully or not, is often the cost that you have paid. Your decisions sometimes create huge heartache and loss. But as long as you can learn and improve from it, then it is worth paying the tuition. When you learn how to listen to your inner voice, it is the time when your decisions under high pressure of a competition would become easier for you to choose a proper way and lessen the damage.

5. React​

How you react immediately after each golf shot is usually more important than the result of that shot itself. When the shot is good, you need to be happy because what you give energy would grow. When you do not pull off the shot, it is even more necessary to replace what just occurred with a feeling and vision of what you want to occur. You will notice the best golfers in the world performing a couple of practice swings to get back the feel before moving onward. The worst thing that you could do is dragging it down the fairway with you and into the coming golf shot. In general, it is unavoidable that in every golf competition, you are going to make many mistakes. Therefore, the best way to finish with a good score is to learn how to bounce back quickly by focusing intently and confidently on what you want in the next rounds.

6. Ready​

Always take an action with shot intention, focus on and without delay. A lot of golf players often overthink while over the golf ball, which eventually results in doubt, uncertainty, or fears to take over and a mis-hit. Whenever you are ready to hit, do not hesitate to do it and perform it with intention.

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