4 Common Mistake of A Golf Beginner

Being a golf beginner is truly unique. Golf is probably one of the most challenging sports to play and learn at a high level, so most of beginners’ mistakes are often the rule instead of the exception.

As a beginner, there will be a lot of rules and tips that you might need to learn, yet you should not be worried about all the difficult techniques and jargon used during a golf game. In this post, we will discuss 4 of the most common mistakes that most of the beginners in golf often make, how they might affect a game, and how they could improve the bad habits with easy and simple approaches.

Before starting, remember that the first step to improvement is admitting your mistakes. Therefore, even when you think that you don’t make the same mistakes, keep reading and you would gain several new insights.

1. Have The Wrong Approach to Learning

For many people, being self-taught or learning anything by yourself has its own merits and also brings a lot of fun. They believe that it is not actually necessary to seek a professional help while it is easy to access information from Google or YouTube.

However, one important thing that you need to keep in mind is that golf is actually a very diverse form of sport, and there would be various approaches and philosophies from different players. Watching from one clip or tip to another would confuse your initial focus, and end up delaying the entire progress.

It does not need to be a session with a professional trainer, which would be too costly for many golfers. If you have problems with your budget, you should ask for advice from a knowledgeable family member or friend. Online videos and lessons are absolutely an option, but it is better to follow your plan and approach it gradually.

Learning with a professional trainer, or even a certified PGA definitely brings a lot of benefits. They can help improve your individual games with a personalized methods, emphasize your strengths as well as fix your weaknesses as you move.

Generally, it is also better to seek a trainer as soon as possible before you build up a bad habit. In other words, it is a lot simpler to create good habits in your early stage instead of fixing the bad ones.

2. An Improperly Fit Club

It is essential to choose a club that is fitted correctly to your current accuracy, swing speed, skill level, and many other factors. You might find a great bargain on online sale. But you might also think that buying a high-end and expensive club set that a lot of professional golfers use would make sure to improve the results of your game.

If you are facing some problems with your swing, remember to check if your club is a good fit. In addition, if you strike a wall to improve your game, it is a good time find a better set.

In most cases, a golf club will have 2 different spectrums: control and forgiveness. A controlling club will often usually come with of a shot-shaping control, and vice versa for a forgiving club. For beginners, they might want to get the correct amount of forgiveness in the clubs. Apart from getting better, they still want the frequent moments of greatness. This is the reason why the club forgiveness is necessary.

3. Overemphasis on Power and Distance

Over the past few years, golf has rapidly developed, and distance has gradually replaced accuracy as well as finesse as the most important factor that golf players are focusing. You could also notice that so many modern club tools are basically made to maximize the distance, and the claims of all the manufacturers about improving the maximum distance every year. After all, there is nothing better than a well-struck and beautiful 270-yard drive.

As a result, a lot of golf beginners tend to swing too hard. Even though the common concept is that if a golfer swings hard enough, the speed of the golf ball will also go up. However, it could be counterproductive to the overall distance.

If you make a too hard swing, it often leads to the loss of tempo and balance, while keeping the rhythm of a swing is particularly necessary in producing both control and distance. In addition, it would stretch the upper part of your body, which causes you to miss the ball’s center.

Another bad habit that you should not forget is closing your eyes in reflex when swinging too hard. Keeping eye contact and concentration is also important in getting distance without sacrificing your accuracy.

As a golf beginner, you should focus primarily on the consistency of producing a well-struck hit on the ball’s center and keeping the rhythm of the swing. You would be amazed at how a well-struck shot would bring more distance even with a slower swing.

After maintaining the proper accuracy and consistency, you could increase the swing slowly until you could finally figure your own rhythm. In addition, always keep in mind to maintain eye contact on the golf ball and keep your concentration.

4. Maintain The Grooves of Your Club

Before looking further at other factors, remember to check whether your club’s grooves it is neat and properly. Do not underestimate the significance of the clean grooves, particularly with a lofted club. Cleaning grooves would considerably allow for a better control of the spin and could also generate more spin through impact.

Therefore, take your time cleaning the grooves after each shot, and turn it into your regular habit. In addition, remember to clean the grooves before starting each round and each game. If your spin and performance seem to fall even when the grooves are clean, then it is time to get a new one at the local shop.

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